Testing Automation Trends

Testing Automation Trends

Functional testing today has evolved into a mature process. In agile development teams, devs not only write code, they also develop tests to ensure their app can be tested effectively.  But many still test manually using local or remote resources that greatly slows the release process.  The more advanced teams use Continuous Integration (CI) servers like Jenkins or Bamboo to automate their development process and testing.  However, devs still need to ensure they are developing tests in a framework that supports automation - otherwise, they will not enjoy the benefits of automation from their CI server.  Enter Selenium - the standard open source framework for automating functional tests. 

With  Selenium your devs develop tests that can be automated and kicked off everytime they commit code to their repo.  This ensures that tests are always run (no excuses) and as a result your code quality improves. The next step is to increase your coverage by testing across many different browser / OS combinations to ensure quality. Again with Selenium you can easily develop scripts to test across many different browser / OS combinations and run those tests in parallel so they finish quickly allowing you to release often.  

Running your tests on Sauce Labs lets you increase your app quality and release code faster.   Our typical users runs on over 110 browser / OS combinations so they know their apps work exactly as planned on Macs and PCs across Chrome, Firefox, IE and Safari!.  With Sauce you get:

  • Improved Quality - test on a selection of over 700 browser / OS combinations
  • Fix bugs faster - with our videos of each test, one click JIRA ticket submission and EZ sharing, your team can access results and identify bugs fast.
  • Test securely - using Sauce Connect proxy, our secure tunneling app, your test command are encrypted so you can safely run tests from behind your firewall

At SauceLabs, we set the trends in test automation. Watch the recording NOW and join Sauce in our quest for efficient and effective testing.