Test Web Browser

Web Testing Across all Browsers a Must

Nothing is more frustrating to a consumer visiting your site than a broken page that does not work. Testing is key to a great user experience but how do you test on the hundred or so browser/ OS combinations that your app needs to run on?  You can buy servers and maintain the browsers yourself or you can test in the cloud on browsers that are instantly created for you for every test.  Testing in the cloud means you can focus on your code and tests and not on the test framework.  This is where Sauce Labs comes in  - we have over 700 OS /Browser combinations available in the cloud that you can test on 24 x7.  Whether you are doing manual testing or automated Selenium tests you can do it all with Sauce Labs.  

Today, with agile development practices, you need to test quickly and often. Making sure your apps are:

  • High quality - by testing across all the browsers you need
  • Mobile capable - test on simulators, emulators and real devices

Sauce Labs lets you perform automated testing fast and effective. Keeping quality control and at maximum and chaos to a minimum. Start your free trial today!