Test Browser

Cross Browser Testing a Must for Success

As you develop your website, testing across all the browsers your app needs to run on is critical to ensuring a quality user experience. Manual testing the same code in each browser is extremely slow, time consuming and mind numbing!  A best practice is to automate your tests so that you can run repetitive tests frequently to catch errors as your app evolves. But, buying and maintaining the test infrastructure is not where you should be spending your time or money!  Your job is to develop and deliver app - not spend time babysitting test grids. So what to do?

Well Sauce Labs has you covered. We have over 700 browser / OS combinations ready to go in our cloud.  We spin up new test instances in seconds for every test, so you can test your web and mobile apps as often as you want and squash all those pesky bugs.  On top of that, our Sauce Connect Proxy app encrypts the test communication between your backend and our test infrastructure so your tests, data and assets are always secure. Sauce leverages Selenium and Appium open source frameworks to run your tests in parallel so you can test and delivery quality apps faster.

With Sauce Labs you get:

  • Better App Quality - expand your test coverage with our 700+ browser / OS combinations
  • Mobile Testing - test native, hybrid and mobile web apps with Appium on our cloud
  • Security - Banks, Governments and healthcare organizations use our Sauce Connect Proxy to encrypt their tests so they can test securely with Sauce

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