Test Automation

Maximize continuous integration with automated testing

Modern organizations have to deliver their apps faster and with higher quality than ever before. To manage this process, they are embracing new software delivery processes and philosophies. Along with agile development, Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) are two techniques that have proven their value in accelerating software production beyond traditional workflows - but they are not always easy to implement. In fact, the most difficult, time-consuming, and expensive part of CI is setting up a testing platform. Sauce Labs solves that problem for developers, QA, and QE teams of all sizes.

Sauce Labs’ CI-ready testing platform is secure and it enables users to run open source Appium or Selenium based JavaScript unit and functional tests in the cloud.  Run parallel tests on native, hybrid, desktop, and mobile web apps across more than 700+ browsers, devices, OS, and platform combinations without test infrastructure overhead.

Using Sauce Labs’ on-demand, secure, and automated testing platform:

Why Sauce Labs?

  • Get instant access to our highly-reliable, scalable, and secure automated testing platform with 500+ browser/OS/device platform combinations.
  • Reduce testing time from hours to minutes by running tests in parallel.
  • Eliminate infrastructure set up, maintenance, and headcount with on-demand VMs, simulators, and emulators to save money and time.
  • Eliminate false positives due to infrastructure issues like old releases of browsers, or OS, or even residual data from old tests on VMs.
  • Designed with security in mind so that your apps and data cannot be compromised. Use Sauce Connect to get behind corporate firewalls. Run tests in the cloud with confidence as Sauce uses pristine VMs, simulators, and emulators every time.

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