System Testing

System Testing with Selenium

As you begin the process of development, you need to think about testing from the start.   Functional testing has evolved from a complicated and time consuming manual process, to an automated process that requires different platforms on a variety of OSes to ensure your app runs the way you want it to.

Selenium is the open source framework for automated testing. As the de-facto standard for functional testing, Selenium lets you run tests automatically and in parallel so you can reduce your testing time by up to 80% or more. Sauce Labs offers cloud-based automated testing tools that lets you run your Selenium tests from your CI system so you can test and review results faster and more efficiently. 

Sauce labs supports the worlds largest Selenium testing cloud running over one million tests a day. With Sauce you can:

  • Automate tests - run automated tests in parallel
  • Improve coverage and quality - test across over 700 browser / OS combinations on our cloud
  • Fix bugs fast -with our videos and analysis tools that make it easy to identify and share test results

Try Sauce Labs today and download our Selenium guide to help you get started with the basics of automated testing.