Software Testing Tools

Accelerate Your Software Release

The delivery of high quality software applications requires efficient testing to discover if it works as planned. Developers need to be armed with the right set of software testing tools to understand if their apps render correctly. Manual testing of applications is too time consuming in today's fast, agile development world.

Sauce Labs offers developers a secure, reliable, CI-ready testing platform. Compatible with tests written in any language or framework, Sauce Labs allows you to run Selenium or Appium tests on our cloud. With Sauce Labs, you can run tests concurrently across any number of browsers and OS platforms without having to manage your own test infrastructure.

Why choose Sauce Labs?

  • Unlock developer time to do more things that matter - like write code, test, and speed up your delivery time
  • Scale testing to isolate defects earlier in the development cycle and save time, resources, and money
  • Videos and Screenshots of each test to diagnose errors and verify layout
  • Securely test staged apps behind a firewall with Sauce Connect, our secure tunneling technology

With Sauce Lab, your spend less time looking for test failures and bugs, and more time releasing high quality apps. Sign up for a trial today.