Software Testing Tool

Improve Application Quality

Testing is a critical part of the software development process. As agile operations become the norm for software development, quality assurance teams are expected to fix bugs, much faster. Historically, functional tests have been run manually, but this is slow, inefficient and does not align with agile workflows. To truly implement agile and have achieve continuous integration you must automate your tests.

Sauce Labs operates the world's largest cloud for automation testing.  We support Appium and Selenium for functional testing of web and mobile applications. With Sauce you can run tests in the cloud on various different browser platforms and devices, providing a comprehensive test infrastructure based on Selenium. There’s no infrastructure to maintain since you just point your tests to our Cloud.

The Sauce Labs advantage includes:

  • Accelerate software development cycles
  • Improve application quality
  • Optimized for both continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD)
  • A scalable cloud that is built to handle the most secure data

Sauce Labs’ testing services are based on the Selenium and Appium open-source tools. Sign up for a free trial today.