Software Testing Strategy

Develop a Software Testing Strategy for Better Team Integration

An integral part of developing a quality web or mobile app involves a software testing strategy that involves the developers in the process and allows for all team members to participate in the quality of the final product. If you're looking for a testing service that understands the importance of collaboration, with an emphasis on ease of communication without sacrificing speed or quality, Sauce Labs is the place to go.

Software companies today commonly utilize Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) to keep all members of the development team in the loop, quickly addressing issues with their product and getting that product to market efficiently. At Sauce Labs, you too can leverage your CI and CD, via Appium and Selenium automated testing frameworks, to test your apps quickly and efficiently. Write your app in any coding language and test with Selenium or Appium, our open source frameworks designed to allow anyone to code in their language of choice and test from the comfort of their own servers.

Whether you need to run unit, integration, or functional tests, Sauce Labs can help. We can run automated or manual tests on our cloud-based virtual machines with over 650 different browser/OS combos to ensure that your app is ready for the end-user.

Why should you choose Sauce Labs as part of your software testing strategy?

  • Selenium and Appium frameworks - allow your team to code in languages like Java, Ruby, .NET, Python, and numerous others
  • Security - generate and run tests from your own CI server with Sauce Connect, or use our pristine VMs
  • Speed - run your tests concurrently to save time and money

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