Software Testing Strategies

Accelerate your Development Process

As the speed of releasing apps accelerates, oganizations today feel immense pressure to deliver better software, faster. To manage this process, they are embracing Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD).  These are two tried and tested techniques that have been shown to accelerate software production beyond traditional techniques - but they are often difficult and time consuming to implement. In fact, the most difficult, time-consuming, and expensive part of CI is setting up a testing platform. Sauce Labs solves that problem for developers, QA, and QE teams of all sizes.

Sauce Labs provides the leading cloud-based mobile and web application automated testing platform. Our secure and reliable testing infrastructure enables users to run JavaScript Unit as well as functional tests written with Selenium and Appium, eliminating the time and expense of maintaining an onsite  test grid.

Sauce Labs offers a scale-out testing tool for Selenium and Appium that is designed to manage the testing infrastructure for big companies that need multiple testing environments spun up fast.

Benefits of using Sauce Labs:

  • No infrastructure - you can concentrate on scaling your testing and development with parallelization and more VMs
  • Accelerate your development process using the Sauce cloud
  • A high-performance Platform-as-a-Service for automated testing that is optimized for CI and CD workflows
  • Over 650 browsers / platforms / device to choose from

Using Sauce Labs, multiple development teams can instantly provision additional testing resources, on-demand, continuously, and affordably.

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