Software Testing Services

Accelerate Testing Speed

As software increases in complexity, the number of required tests grows exponentially. However, testing is often still executed by people in different departments using different tools. Testing has long been a complex and time consuming process, and inadequate testing results in poor software quality and increased time to release.

With Sauce Labs developers enable speed to market and support continuous integration. Our Sauce Labs consultants make testing services simple and customized for your business. Running automated tests using the Sauce cloud allows you to seamlessly scale your testing instantly. The Sauce Labs platform provides additional features that make testing quicker and easier. Videos, screenshots, and console logs help testers and developers identify issues faster, and built-in debugging tools speed up debugging.

Get the Sauce advantage:

  • Cost Savings – Sauce Labs allows you to run automated browser testing on virtual machines at much greater scale at a fraction of the price. Save even more money by using cloud testing platforms instead of buying and maintaining their own infrastructure
  • Time Savings - Significantly increase your speed of testing with a suite of automated UI tests, you can test the same actions in minutes. And, with the added scalability of cloud services, you can reduce that time even more
  • Browser/OS Support & Test Coverage - Similarly, automated testing can allow companies to cover vastly more test cases and a much higher percentage of code. This means you can be more confident knowing you’ve tested more of your app for errors

With Sauce, capacity is instantly scalable, allowing you to easily grow your testing along with your product. Sign up for a free trial.