Software Testing Service

Complete Web and Mobile App Software Testing Service

Testing software before release is an integral component of developing apps today. Without the proper tools, testing can be very time-consuming, and paying programmers can be expensive, not to mention the revenue missed with a later release date. Sauce Labs provides complete Selenium and Appium automated and manual software testing tools. With access to 650+ browser/OS combos, testing at scale with Sauce Labs’ cloud-based testing service helps keep your product error-free as it expedites it to market.

For both Selenium and Appium testing, Sauce Labs’ utilizes cloud-based tools that are compatible with both Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery. These tools include Sauce Connect, our secure tunneling framework, to test apps behind a firewall without leaving your CI server and parallel testing on virtual machines (VM) to dramatically increase testing speed across numerous browser/platform combinations.

Using Selenium for web apps, and Appium for native and hybrid apps, Sauce Labs software testing service provides:

  • Parallel testing – with our pristine VM's you can run multiple tests concurrently to speed development and find bugs faster
  • Thorough test coverage – 650+ browser/OS combinations allows testing on a wide variety of configurations
  • Security – using Sauce Connect and pristine VM's, your security is ensured

Make Sauce Labs your software testing service today with a free 14-day trial today!