Software Testing Automation Framework

Bring Quality Applications to the Market Quickly and Cost-effectively

Running complex and functional tests is time consuming and expensive. QA teams require a test automation framework that lets them write test scripts in any language and run them on industry standard frameworks like Selenium and Appium. Organizations can add more value to their automation workflow by optimizing continuous integration and delivery processes with Sauce Labs.

Sauce Labs provides the most secure and reliable cloud-based testing platform in the market. Scalable and available on-demand, Sauce Labs automated testing helps development teams accelerate their build and release cycles through a significantly enhanced integration with their CI/CD environments.

As the initial developer of Selenium, Sauce Labs employs the experts so you can be sure that we support the latest features first so your software teams can test quickly and efficiently on our secure and reliable cloud platform.

Advantages of testing with Sauce Labs:

  • Reduce testing time by running your tests in parallel.
  • Eliminate the need to install or maintain your own Selenium grid.
  • No modifications to the source code of your application - test what you ship.
  • Over 700 browser / OS combinations to test on.

Sauce Labs’ cloud-based testing platform allows developers to automatically test mobile and web applications on hundreds of browsers and platforms including iOS, Android and Mac OS X. Sign up for a free trial and try Sauce for yourself.