Software Testing Automation

Instantly Scale your Software Testing Automation with Sauce Labs

Automated testing is an increasingly integral part of the continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) pipeline; and yet, despite the benefits of automated testing, the reality is that most organizations are still using outdated manual testing processes that waste money and create a workflow bottleneck. As software development teams embrace CI/CD, automated testing plays a critical role in improving quality and expediting time to market. For high-performance automated app testing that is optimized for modern workflows use Sauce Labs.

The Sauce Labs platform provides advanced features that make testing quicker and easier. Screenshots, videos, and console logs help developers and testers identify issues faster. Breakpoints allow users to take control of running tests and investigate problems step by step. Sauce Labs accounts also come with unlimited manual testing minutes, so you can augment your automated testing with unique use cases.

Plus, by running your automated software tests on the Sauce cloud instantly scaling your testing is easy. Automated software testing is simplified with Sauce Labs. Here’s how:

  • Develop Selenium tests using your preferred language
  • Eliminate test infrastructure headaches
  • Cut testing time to mere minutes by running tests concurrently
  • Eliminate false positives owing to infrastructure issues such as residual data from old tests on VMs, etc

With Sauce, capacity is instantly scalable, so you can grow your testing along with your product. Get started with your free trial today.