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App development cycles are faster than ever, and testing those apps to make sure they are error-free is vital to user adoption. But testing takes time, usually the most time in any development cycle, which can limit the speed and frequency of your releases. You want to test on all the browsers your customers use, but you can't afford the time to setup and maintain your own testing grid. With Sauce Labs, utilizing Selenium and Appium, you get the best of all worlds - fast and secure testing with broad coverage.

As the leading cloud-based testing service, Sauce Labs is equipped to handle any testing volume at any time. And, with multiple plans, we offer affordable testing for any size organization. We utilize Selenium for web, and Appium for mobile and hybrid app testing, so you can automate your tests across all the devices your customers use. Run tests, in parallel, from your own CI server (we support Jenkins, Bamboo, and Visual Studio), and further speed your testing by 10x.

With Sauce Labs you get:

  • Coverage - 700+ different browser/OS combos, mobile emulators and real devices
  • Speed - drastically reduce testing time with concurrent/ parallel testing
  • Fast debugging - get metadata, videos, screenshots, and console logs to help identify bugs fast
  • Support - leverage a large user community with open source frameworks, and get 24/7 support

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