Software Test Automation

Automated App Testing with Selenium and Appium Can Save You Time and Money

In today's development world, manual testing is just too slow and error-prone, which makes it very costly in both time and money. Not testing your app during development isn't an option, but neither is maintaining your own in-house testing grid. The good news is that there are some great, open source, testing platforms available that can run concurrent, automated, testing in the cloud to ensure you save time and money without sacrificing coverage. At Sauce Labs, we maintain the most comprehensive testing grid available; automated testing in the cloud is what we do.

For web apps, Sauce Labs utilizes Selenium, an open source platform that leverages a huge community and provides top notch testing. The advantages of Selenium testing are numerous - it's open source which reduces costs, it can handle code written in virtually any modern coding language so you can test the code you release, and it integrates easily with your CI server for extremely easy use. For native and hybrid apps, we use Appium, which offers all the same advantages of Selenium, but is designed for mobile apps.

Why choose Sauce Labs for software test automation?

  • Speed - testing in parallel dramatically reduces testing time by up to 10x
  • Coverage - with Selenium and Appium we offer hundreds of OS/browser combos and even real devices ensuring your app works anywhere
  • Security - secure firewall tunneling, and pristine VMs for every test, means your data is always protected

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