Software Functional Testing

Automate Functional Testing with Selenium

Functional testing is used to verify the how of Web and mobile apps look and work. Traditionally, QA manually tests a web site by clicking on elements, verifying responses and ensuring that all the elements display in the right place on the page and in the correct size. This was a pretty simple process when there was just a couple of OSes and a few browsers to test against. Today, with the explosion of OSes, browsers, mobile and tablet devices, it's just not feasible to test across all these devices and web / OS combinations. Automation with the open source testing framework Selenium is the key. With Selenium, you can mimic all the actions of a user and automate the actions so you can test across all the OS and browser combinations that your customers use.

Sauce Labs, a cloud-based web and mobile application testing platform integrates with the popular CI servers including - Bamboo, Jenkins, and others. Using Sauce Labs APIs, you can configure, and start your tests all from within your CI server. Test instantly across 700+ OS/browser platforms, and debug easier with videos and screenshots. We create a new virtual machine with an OS and browser for each test in seconds and destroy it, and any data when your test ends ensuring security. With secure tunneling for testing behind your firewall, and a host of analysis tools, Sauce Labs makes running, scaling, and debugging apps easier than ever.

Why choose Sauce Labs?

  • Scale - more than 700+ browser and OS combinations available on demand in seconds.
  • Scalability – Spin up as many concurrent instances as you need, on demand, and run them in parallel reducing accellerting test times by up to 10x
  • Debugging – Use built-in video recording and screenshots of each test to identify the problem area

Sauce Labs allows you to scale test coverage and shorten test cycles. Learn more about Software Functional Testing with Sauce Labs- Sign up for a free trial today.