Simulate Mobile Browser

Test Mobile and Web Apps on Simulated Mobile Browsers

As the number and variety of mobile devices continues to grow, testing mobile applications across a variety of browsers and OSes is even more vital to creating and maintaining a bug-free product. Sauce Labs' virtual machines are capable of simulating over 650 OS/browser combinations to help get your app to market fast and easy.

Providing both automated and manual testing services, Sauce Labs uses Sauce Connect for secure firewall tunneling to help you produce bug-free apps in no time, all without leaving your Continuous Integration (CI) server. With the power of the Appium automated testing framework, Sauce Labs virtual machines (VMs) can simulate any mobile environment to test your app. For bug-free mobile apps, make Sauce Labs your go-to testing service.

Why choose Sauce Labs?

  • A huge variety of testing environments – Appium, an automated open source framework, tests mobile apps on any mobile browser
  • Fast and secure - our secure tunneling service, Sauce Connect, lets you securely create and run tests directly from your CI server
  • Manual and automated testing – dial-in your app with manual testing, or supercharge development with our automated testing

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