Selenium Training

Selenium Training with Sauce Labs

Selenium is an open source tool for testing websites and web applications that allows you automate the kinds of interactions a user would have with your site or application, such as clicking buttons or filling in form fields. Selenium testing scripts can be written in any popular language, such as Java, Python or Ruby, and utilizes CSS selectors and other page components to identify the elements you want to automate.

Sauce Labs was co-founded by the creator of Selenium, and is one of the leaders in the field of Selenium testing. While Selenium scripts can be written in any language, Selenium has its own syntax, commands, and best practices that you need to learn before you can use it successfully. Sauce Labs has created many materials for Selenium training, with contributions from some of the leading figures in the Selenium community.

Selenium training with Sauce Labs presents you with several advantages:

  • Learning the most advanced aspects of Selenium with leading experts
  • Easy-to-follow examples, with scripts that you can run in your favorite language locally or on Sauce Labs
  • A comprehensive approach to learning Selenium, focusing not just on learning the language, but learning how to use it to increase your ability to rapidly deploy new sites and applications

For more information about Selenium training with Sauce Labs, check out our training page, or contact sales to learn more about our training courses!