Selenium Tests

The Gold Standard for Browser Automation

Selenium is an open-source test automation framework for web applications. Previously known as Webdriver, Selenium can drive an application as if your end user were interacting with it. Founded in 2004, it has since become the industry's tool of choice for functional web testing, and is being used by companies and teams of all sizes.

Selenium is an easy-to-use tool, and is compatible with virtually any programming language, complete with a full library of various bindings. You can configure these tests to run on a local grid, or using a cloud provider like Sauce Labs. 

Long gone are the days of manually clicking through your app to see if it breaks - now Selenium can automate any testing function to make sure that your application will stand the test of your users!

Learn more about the basics of Selenium, and how to utilize it to easily write reliable, scalable, and maintainable tests that you and your team can trust with this Selenium Bootcamp. This Bootcamp is in Java, but you can find examples with different programming languages at