Selenium Testing Tutorial

Automate Testing and Speed Time to Market

Developed in 2004, Selenium has become the de-facto standard for automated web app testing. The idea behind Selenium is to let devs write scripts in any scripting language they prefer and Selenium's bindings will interpret those scripts and execute tests, automatically, freeing the user up from time consuming manual testing.

Sauce Labs runs the world's largest Selenium test cloud. With over 800 combinations of browsers and OSes, we spin up new test Vms in seconds and ensure your security by destroying VMs after every test - so your data can never be exposed to other users. With Sauce Connect, you can test scripts from behind your firewall and access your private data and other resources for testing.

Selenium testing with Sauce Labs

  • Spin up pristine VMs with new browsers in seconds to speed your testing.
  • Compatible with tests written in any language including Ruby, PHP, Python, Java, Node.js, or C#, using any test framework
  • Automate your tests across more than 700 browser / OS combinations.
  • Eliminate the need to setup or maintain a Selenium test grid in-house.

The Selenium testing tutorial by Sauce Labs empowers developers to scale their testing and speed up development. Want to know more?