Selenium Testing Tools

Automate the Testing of Software, Application, and Web Portals

Selenium is the most extensively used open source automated framework for functional testing of web apps. As de facto standard, Selenium is the most widely used framework for executing tests across web and mobile apps. You can develop test scripts in Ruby, JavaScript, .NET, PHP, Python - virtually any language that you are most familiar with, and run them on the Sauce cloud optimized for Selenium. Sauce labs runs the world's largest cloud for Selenium and Appium testing. And, since we helped develop the standards, you know that we support the latest version of Selenium and our support, training and customer success folks can help you get the most out of your Selenium tests.

We provide the world's largest Cloud for Selenium testing with over 700 browser, OS, simulator and mobile device combinations instantly available. Run your tests in parallel and speed your tests by up to 10x.

Why Sauce Labs?

  • Run tests in parallel to reduce the time to run your builds
  • No infrastructure to setup or maintain
  • Integrates with your CI server - Jenkins, Bamboo, Team City, Circle CI & Microsoft VSTS,
  • From the developers of Selenium and Appium

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