Selenium Testing Tool

Automate Your Testing Process

Selenium is the open source framework designed to automate web app testing. In ten years it has become the de-facto standard for functional testing enabling you to run tests automatically and in parallel so you can accelerate your tests by 10x or more. Sauce Labs supports the world's largest cloud-based automated testing cloud for Selenium. And, with integrations for the most popular CI systems including Jenkins, Bamboo and VSTS, you can manage, run and review results of your tests directly from your CI server. You

With Selenium you develop tests using familiar languages like Node.js, Java, Python, PHP, Ruby, or C# and run them on the Sauce cloud. Your developers, QA, and even project managers can develop and review tests for all your apps, thus speeding up the time to market.

Why Sauce Labs?

  • Scale - over 700 browser and OS combinations available on demand
  • Speed – spin up as many VMs as you need, on demand, and run them in parallel speeding your testing by up to 10x
  • Debugging – Use built-in video recording and screenshots of each test to identify the problem area

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