Selenium Testing Grid

Accelerate App Development on the World's Largest Automated Testing Cloud

Today's app development cycle is faster than ever, with continuous integration (CI) workflows being the norm you need your testers to be as fast as your devs. Putting out an error-free product is a necessity, as are error-free updates, especially for enterprise apps. Running automated Selenium tests as part of your CI workflow is the best way to ensure your testing is fast to keep pace with your devs. Since Selenium can accommodate test scripts written in a wide variety of languages, including Python, .NET, JavaScrip or Ruby, you devs can write tests in whatever languages they are comfortable with. At Sauce Labs, we run the largest cloud-based automated Selenium testing cloud, so you can be confident that your testing is done right.

Sauce Labs runs over a million automated tests every day, so you know we can handle any testing volume. With Selenium testing you get the benefits of an open source framework - a large support community and low cost. With Sauce Labs, you also get the advantages of a secure data center, easy CI integration, and extensive reports on every test.

Why choose Sauce Labs for your automated Selenium testing?

  • Coverage - run your tests on over 700 different OS/browser combos to ensure that your app works for any user
  • Speed - concurrent / parallel testing increses testing speed by up to 10x
  • Security - get secure firewall tunneling with Sauce Connect to protect your data

Download the whitepaper and learn more about the advantages of automated Selenium testing!