Selenium Test

Selenium Testing with Continuous Integration

Selenium is the open source framework for automating the testing of web applications. Selenium  automates your tests across many different devices helping you eliminate manual testing. With Sauce Labs, you can develop test scripts in any language you are familiar with: Ruby, JavaScript, .NET, or even higher level languages like Cucumber. This lets your devs, QA and even project managers review and develop tests for all your things so you can speed your applications to market.

Sauce Labs is the leading cloud-based automated testing platform for web and mobile apps that integrates with the most popular CI servers including Jenkins, Bamboo and others. With our APIs, you can configure and kick off your tests all within your CI server and review results - without leaving the application.

Sauce Labs allows developers to automatically test mobile and web applications on more than 650 browsers and platforms including iOS, Android & Mac OS X. With built-in video recording of every test, debugging tools, and secure tunneling for testing locally or behind your firewall, Sauce makes running, debugging and scaling test suites easier than ever.

Why choose Sauce Labs?

  • Run Selenium tests in our secure data center across more than 850 browser / OS combinations.
  • Test local and firewalled apps while maintaining control over proxy, and access policies using our secure tunneling technology, Sauce Connect.
  • Get a full report of the test run with metadata, Selenium and console logs, including the complete list of commands and responses.
  • Test more efficiently - we have the lowest false failure rate in the industry so you spend more time on your code and less time on your test grid

Remove the barriers that come with Selenium testing . Click for your free trial today!