Selenium Software Testing Tools

Accelerate Your Automated Selenium Testing With Industry-Leading Testing Tools

Are you looking to transition to a cloud-based Selenium testing grid? Are you looking for the best testing tools available to seamlessly integrate with your CI system to ensure a bug-free product? Testing with an open source framework like Selenium has the advantages of having a large support community and lower cost, however, it can be difficult to master and getting comprehensive test reports isn't easy. At Sauce Labs, we make automated Selenium testing a snap with easy CI integration, supercharged testing in the cloud, and complete reporting tools to help you identify bugs fast.

Sauce Labs is the industry leader when it comes to testing your software in the cloud. With Sauce Connect for secure firewall tunneling, a secure data center, and comprehensive reports complete with metadata, videos, screenshots, and console logs, you get the most advanced Selenium testing tools available.

Why do your Selenium testing with Sauce Labs?

  • Speed - by running parallel tests in the cloud increase testing speed by up to 10x
  • Coverage - hundreds of OS/browser combinations means your app will run on any user system
  • Scale - whether you run a few dozen tests total or hundreds each day, Sauce Labs can handle it

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