Selenium Parallel Testing

Selenium Parallel Testing a Must for Developers

Selenium is the open standards framework used to automate functional tests of web apps.   Selenium speeds the process of testing mobile and Web apps by automating testing such as filling in forms, clicking on images and filling shopping carts.  However, the true power of Selenium becomes apparent when you run your automated tests in parallel.  Instead of running tests sequentially, Selenium lets you set up tests to run in parallel across different browsers and OSes to  dramatically accelerate the speed of your testing.  And, you greatly improve quality because you can test on more browsers in less time.

This is where Sauce Labs comes in. We operate the world's largest Selenium test cloud.  We run over 1.3 million tests a day to help developers and QA professionals speed up their testing and accelerate their development cycles.

With Sauce Labs you get:

  • Access to over 700+ browser and OS combinations
  • Test on beta versions of browser so your app is ready upon GA
  • Run Selenium and Appium tests securely in our cloud with Sauce Connect Proxy - out TLS tunnel
  • Review full videos of your tests along with screen shots and all the data

Learn how to run Selenium tests in parallel by downloading our whitepaper today.