Selenium Mobile Testing

Speed Your Selenium Tests in the Sauce Labs Cloud

Are you looking to test your mobile web apps with Selenium? Do you want to automate your testing of responsive web sites across desktops and mobile devices? Do you need to test across many different browsers that you don't have in-house? Selenium is the open source standard framework for testing web apps. It allows you to write your tests once, in any language you are familiar with and run them across all the browsers you need.

Sauce Labs is the world leader in automated cloud testing, with over a million tests run every day. You can run your tests, automatically and in parallel across desktop, iOS simulators and Android emulators to speed your testing by up to 10x. Automating your tests means you can automate the entire process with your CI server to kick off tests every time you commit code and cover all the use cases that matter to your users.

Why choose Sauce Labs for your Selenium mobile testing?

  • Test web apps across iOS and Android - automatically run tests across desktop browsers and iOS and Android simulators to cover all your use cases
  • Language independent - develop your test scripts in any language and run the with Selenium
  • Test in the cloud - eliminate the hassle and maintenance headaches of supporting your internal grid, use our always available, always updated cloud

Start your free 14-day trial with Sauce Labs and get started on your Selenium mobile testing today!