Selenium Locators

Using Locators to find page elements with Selenium

Sauce Labs encourages test engineers to focus on CSS for their locating needs. CSS is  supported by all browsers and is also well understood by developers, designers and other technology professionals. In the Selenium testing world, CSS Selectors are a fundamental tool for good test automation. Incorporating locators though Selenium has also warranted beneficial in the checks and balances process. 

CSS Selectors are not only fast for browsers to execute, but also fast and efficient for engineers to read and write. We at Sauce encourage all test engineers to lean on CSS Selectors as their main locating strategy for all testing. This opens the door for 

collaboration from 

  • QE/QA engineers
  • Web Engineers

For more details on how to incorporate Selenium with CSS and Xpath locators, download our Selenium Bootcamp guide today.