Selenium For Testing

Automated Open Source App Testing with Selenium

Looking for an open source framework for testing your apps? Selenium is the most widely used open source testing framework available. Does it need to integrate seamlessly with your CI workflow, accommodate multiple coding languages, be fast, and available 24/7? Testing your web app with Sauce Labs and Selenium is the way to go. Our cloud-based automated Selenium testing platform is fast, secure, easy to use, and always available.

Sauce Labs is the industry-leading cloud-based testing service. At over a million tests per day in the cloud, we are the largest automated testing service available, and we're always on. We offer 24/7 customer support and the most up-to-date testing grid with over 700 different OS/browser combos. Our security technology, Sauce Connect, allows you to run your tests securely over encrypted tunnels from your back end to our cloud. And, since we spin a new instance for every test, you can be assured your data will never be exposed to others and their data will never stick around to interfere with your tests.

Why choose Sauce Labs for your Selenium testing?

  • Speed - dramatically speed your tests by up to 10x with parallel testing
  • Security - ensure data security with clean VMs and secure firewall tunneling
  • Full reports - get comprehensive tests reports with metadata, screenshots, videos, and console logs

Learn more about Selenium testing with our free Selenium Bootcamp guide!