Selenium For Java

Selenium For Java

Java is by far the most popular language for using Selenium. At last count around 75% of all Selenium downloads were for Java. Selenium integrates easily with all of the most popular Java testing frameworks including JUnit, TestNG, and CucumberJVM. Java also provides some of the most stable and easily implemented technology when it comes to running tests in parallel or across multiple browsers. Below are a few of the most commonly used Selenium commands. You will notice that they are quite intuitive and follow the flow of natural language.

Commonly Used Java Selenium Commands:

Instantiate the WebDriver:

  • WebDriver driver = new RemoteWebDriver(URL, DesiredCapabilities);

Finding a WebElement:

  • WebElement element = driver.findElement("myId"));

Interacting with an Element:

  • element.sendKeys("what I want to type");

Ending a WebDriver Session:

  • driver.quit();

To get started with Java I would recommend taking a look at the example script provided by Sauce Labs. Everything you need to run your first Selenium test is available, and signing up for a free trial is easy. No credit card required!

Sauce Labs:

  • Secure testing in over 700 browser and operating system environments
  • Secure tunneling tool to test behind your firewall
  • Integrations to all of the most popular CI tools
  • Free trial!

Happy Testing!