Selenium Css Selector

Tips for Creating and Converting Selenium Css Selectors

Do you want to learn how to use Selenium Css selectors, or move your XPATH locators? Cascading style sheets (Css) is a coding system designed to describe a document's presentation. When coding, Css selectors match tags and attributes to apply the appropriate HTML style element. Css, as the native approach for all browsers, has the speed advantage over XPATH, especially in IE, where it's much faster. At Sauce Labs, we can help you transition from XPATH to Css, to get the most from your Selenium testing.

As the standard for automated functional web app testing, Selenium is widely used, with a vast user support community. At Sauce Labs we harness that power, and combine it with the largest cloud-based testing grid in the world, to create the best application testing service available. With Selenium and Sauce Labs you can write your code in nearly any script, including JavaScript, .NET, Ruby, or even Cucumber, to name a few, and test the same code you release. We also provide comprehensive test reports, complete with video, screenshots, console logs, and metadata, so you can find and fix bugs quickly.

Why choose Sauce Labs for your Selenium testing?

  • Comprehensive testing - with over 700 different OS/browser combinations, you know your app will work for every user
  • Security - clean VMs, as well as secure firewall tunneling ensure the integrity of your data for every test
  • Speed - parallel testing, in the cloud, provides the fastest testing platform anywhere, reducing testing time from hours to minutes

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