Selenium Click

Selenium Click is the Golden Rule

The golden rule of web testing states: “Developers can find a number of bugs by simply clicking randomly on a page." Of course this is particularly true for user interface bugs. If your team is using Selenium for automated testing, it is important to know how the Selenium click command works in order to simulate user clicks. Automated testing is a more efficient way of quickly finding bugs and mistakes throughout the development process. Addressing problems as they come up and moving onto the next phase much more quickly than ever before. 

Selenium works with two pieces of information:

  • the element on a page you want to use  
  • what you want to do with that element

Incorporating these two elements into a repeated pattern, over and over again, until you achieve the outcome you want in your application is the most efficient way to test. All testing is not guaranteed. Selenium tests sometimes fail because they execute too quickly. Where a user might wait for a page to load for a few seconds and then click on a link, Selenium will interact with a page at the speed of code, before the page is ready. In these cases, you can program in a wait time so that the test mimics what a human would do.  Our Selenium Bootcamp guide can prepare you for every testing scenario. 

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