Selenium Builder

Get the Sauce Plugin for Selenium Builder, a Firefox Add-On, for Quick, Easy Testing

Selenium Builder is an add-on for Firefox that lets you write Selenium tests from your browser. With the Sauce Plugin, you get added support to run your Selenium tests on the Sauce Labs infrastructure. Selenium testing couldn't be easier; just get the Selenium Builder, add the Sauce Plugin, enter your settings, and go (for step-by-step instructions, see The Sauce Plugin gives you access to the Sauce Labs cloud and our VMs loaded with over 700 different browser/OS combinations.

Sauce Labs is the world's largest cloud-based testing service, with over 1 million tests run every day. We utilize Selenium, the premier open source testing framework, for automated testing of web apps. Selenium allows testing in a variety of coding languages, including Cucumber, Ruby, .NET, and JavaScript, amongst others, and Sauce Labs support integration with most CI systems. Our comprehensive testing platform and test recording provides unparalleled app testing.

Why get the Sauce Plugin for Selenium Builder for your Selenium testing?

  • Complete reports - our test reports include metadata, video, screenshots, and console logs
  • Security - Sauce Connect provides secure firewall tunneling to our secure data center
  • Simplicity - export tests to any programming language from HTML, and run tests with a simple command

Check out our Selenium Bootcamp and see how easy Selenium testing with Sauce Labs can be!