Selenium Automation Tool

Test Web and Mobile Apps with Our Selenium Automation Tool

Selenium is the leading open source web app testing framework around today. Supporting languages like Java, Groovy, C#, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, and even higher order languages like Cucumber, Selenium allows you to write scripts in any language. Testing with Selenium allows your developers, QA, and project managers to create and review tests in whatever programming language you wish; and with Sauce Connect for secure firewall tunneling, you can run your tests from the comfort of your own CI server. Sauce Labs makes your Selenium testing is fast and easy.

Developers know that in order to produce a high quality error-free app, testing is vital. To do this, many developers are using Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD); and while these techniques are incredibly valuable, they can be hard to implement, and expensive to maintain. When it comes to your Selenium tests, Sauce Labs provides a complete record/playback tool and detailed test analysis; this helps expedite your app development and get it to market while saving time and money. Let Sauce Labs solve your web and mobile app testing problems with their Selenium automation tool.

Scaling app tests is an important component of quick yet complete development of any app. Using Sauce Labs' Selenium automation tool, with 650+ OS/browser combinations, you get fast testing on all the most popular systems. If you need to fine-tune your app, and future updates, Sauce Labs also supports manual testing.

So why choose Sauce Labs?

  • Complete Selenium support - write your scripts in whatever language you prefer and Sauce Labs has you covered
  • Fast and complete - run your tests in parallel with multiple virtual machines (VM's), running over 650 browser/OS combinations
  • Security - deleting our VM's after every run, and firewall tunneling with Sauce Connect, assures the security of your intellectual property

Start your Selenium app testing today with a free 14-day trial!