Selenium Automation Testing

Selenium Automation Testing for Web Applications

To produce high quality error-free apps, testing is integral. With many modern developers using new approaches like Continuous Delivery (CD) and Continuous Integration (CI) , running those tests on cloud-based virtual machines (VM's) is the best option. But while these techniques have proven their value, they can be hard to implement and costly. Let Sauce Labs cloud-based automated Selenium testing solve your app testing problems; get your web app to market faster while saving time and money without sacrificing quality or coverage.

As an open-source software testing framework for web browsers, Selenium supports a wide variety of programming languages. Sauce Labs lets you perform automated UI and browser testing in the cloud, and provides a complete record/playback tool for creating and monitoring your tests. Because Selenium supports numerous programming languages like Python, Java, C#, Perl, Groovy, PHP, and Ruby, you can use any language to write your scripts and test them with Selenium. This allows your entire team to review and develop tests in whatever language is best for you. Best of all, with Sauce Connect, our secure firewall tunneling, you can create and run your tests from within your own CI server.

Sauce Labs can run your tests using over 650 browser/OS combos, so scaling your app tests is easy. And since you have no infrastructure, VM's, or browser images to maintain, Sauce Labs cloud-based Selenium automated testing is hassle-free and reduces cost. Run your automated cross-browser testing with all the most popular systems, or test your app manually for even more detailed testing.

So why choose Sauce Labs?

  • Full Selenium support - whether you write your app in Java, Ruby, Perl, or numerous other languages, Sauce Labs supports it
  • Speed and coverage - run your tests in parallel and in the cloud on Sauce Labs' virtual machines, with over 650 browser/OS combinations
  • Safe and Secure - VM's cleaned after every run, and Sauce Connect for firewall tunneling, ensure the safety of your intellectual property

Get started with your automated Selenium testing today with our free 14-day trial!