Selenium Automated Testing

Automate your Cross Browser Tests

Selenium is the de-facto standard for functional test automation. Because Selenium has bindings for most scripting languages so you can write your test scripts in the language that you are most familiar with including JavaScript, Ruby, .NET, or even higher-level languages like Cucumber.

Sauce Labs are the automated testing experts. We provide the largest automated testing cloud for running Selenium and Appium tests. In fact, one of our founders was the creator of Selenium. We have the depth of knowledge, expertise and performance demanded by the world’s largest development teams.

If you want to accelerate your testing with Selenium then give us a try:

  • A complete testing platform where you can run automated tests for native, hybrid, and web apps with Appium or Selenium
  • Freedom from managing infrastructure requiring no need to buy or maintain servers and test machines. Effortlessly scale test without installing browsers or VM licenses
  • Cross-platform support for web and mobile app testing - Supports Android and iOS, native, hybrid, and mobile web app testing
  • CI system integration- Integrate with Travis, Jenkins, Bamboo, VSO and more to to keep your continuous testing and development process simple
  • Speedy development - Sauce’s scalable cloud allows you to test in parallel to speed up the process and reduce testing time by up to 80%

The Sauce Labs cloud-based testing platform helps you run your Selenium tests on the cloud, test web and mobile apps, and easily debug your code with the help of videos and screenshots.