Responsive Website Testing

Seamlessly Create and Run Mobile and Web App Tests

When testing a web application with a responsive layout it’s important to verify that it renders the page correctly in the common resolutions your users use. Traditionally such verification has been done at the end of a development workflow with time-consuming manual testing and limited OS and browser coverage, leading to delays and visual defects getting released into production. These defects drive customers away and cost app developers time and money. Get faster app testing with greater coverage with Sauce Labs.

Sauce Labs provides the world's most extensive, secure, and highly scalable, cloud-based automated testing for desktop, mobile web, native, and hybrid applications. Sauce Labs is designed for continuous testing through your current CI environment to help development teams shorten release cycles, and enable developers to create and run tests at all stages of the development process. With easy automation, depth of test coverage, and increased browser coverage available through Sauce Labs, you can catch bugs faster to ensure a better, more streamlined experience.

Why choose Sauce Labs?

  • Speed - Automated, concurrent testing for a quicker release cycle
  • Versatility - Test your web app with Selenium on over 650 different OS/browser combinations
  • Comprehensive - Get complete test feedback including screenshots, videos, and console logs to catch any errors
  • Security - Secure tunneling and pristine VM's ensure the security of your product

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