Real Device Testing Ios

App Testing on iOS Devices

You've developed your mobile app for iOS, you think it's great and now you need to test it. You can grab your iphone and test it, but how does your app render on ipads or on older iphones with smaller screens? Since you probably don't have these laying around, how do you get access to all the iphones you need to test on quickly so you can get back to updating your app? Well Sauce Labs has the answer. With a huge selection of iOS simulators and real devices in the cloud we have the devices that your customers will most likely be using. Simply point your tests to the Sauce Cloud and run tests fast - just like they are in your lab. As the experts in Selenium and Appium testing, we have optimized our cloud to make real devices (and simulators) available quickly so there is no waiting and no reservations required to test on a device - ever!

The Sauce Cloud is designed for automated testing in parallel so you can spin up as many devices as you need and run your entire test suite in a fraction of the time it would take to do this sequentially. So spend more time coding and less time testing and use the Sauce Cloud.

  • Huge inventory - we have a deep inventory of iOS devices so you can test automatically in parallel with no waiting - ever
  • Open Source - as the experts in Selenium and Appium, we always have the latest versions to run your tests against
  • CI Optimized - The Sauce cloud is optimized for automated testing to speed your CI / CD work flows.

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