Real Device Mobile App Testing

Real Device Mobile App Testing

Performing mobile tests on real devices is part of a continuous integration (CI) development cycle and a vital part of any development's team practice. With the complicated technology of mobile devices and platforms, making sure you test your app across enough devices to ensure quality  can be incredibly time-consuming and costly, especially if you are doing it at every stage of development. Maintaining a comprehensive and up to date testing platform is necessary for every organization, but is expensive to setup and cumbersome to maintain.  

Sauce Labs supports both web and mobile app testing across both emulators and real devices.  We have hundreds of mobile devices setup for automated testing using Appium, Espresso or Robotium so you can accelerate your mobile testing. And, once you've identified a bug, you can easily test on any of of our real devices manually to help you quickly pin point where the problem is.  This leads to a  shorter development cycle and faster releases.  

Benefits of real device mobile app testing include:

  • Coverage - test on simulators, emulators, and real devices to ensure your app works in any mobile environment
  • Speed - concurrent testing speeds your testing time by up to 10x
  • Security - test securely with Sauce Connect Proxy - our TLS tunnel  

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