Parallel Testing With Selenium Grid

Parallel Testing in the Cloud with Sauce Labs

Parallel testing is the process of running multiple test cases on multiple combinations of operating systems and browsers at the same time. The process is automated, and it often runs on virtual machines. For the QA professional, no additional effort is required once the appropriate test scripts have been developed. All the testing solution needs is the test suite, and a pool of resources.  However, the move to parallel testing can be overwhelming. Sauce Labs recommends you take the following steps when considering the move to parallel testing:

  • Map out how each of your tests can be broken down into atomic units, and make an approximate count of the results
  • Look at your existing testing regime and decide which tests you want to include in the initial move from sequential to parallel
  • You do not need to make the switch to parallel testing all in one move; start with the tests that will be easiest to convert

Running tests in parallel brings many benefits to your organization including:

  • Reducing testing time by up to 80%
  • Improving quality by increasing your test coverage (i.e., testing across more browser and OS combinations than previously possible)
  • Reducing the number of false of positives

For more information on testing in parallel, read our whitepaper The Benefits of Parallel Testing.