Parallel Testing

Get Your Testing Done Fast with Parallel App Testing in the Cloud

Your app needs to get released as fast as possible to keep ahead of the competition. Further, with the added efficiency of CD and CI workflows, manually testing your app dramatically slows down the process; indeed, it is often the most time-consuming part of the development process. By testing your app in the cloud, using parallel sessions, you can speed your testing by 7x like Yahoo did. By breaking your tests into short (1 to 2 minute) increments, you can run hundreds of these very quickly across a all the browsers and OSes you need to cover and increase testing speed 10x and improve quality. However, maintaining the kind of testing grid to do this in-house is expensive and time consuming to maintain. So let Sauce Labs do the maintenance for you, and harness the world's largest automated testing cloud to supercharge your testing and speed your product to market.

With over one million tests run every day, Sauce Labs has the volume to handle any testing demand. We utilize the power of open-source testing platforms, Selenium and Appium, to provide the highest automated app testing available. With Selenium and Appium you can test apps written in any popular coding language, and test the code you release. By testing in parallel on over 700 different OS/browser combos, you can be confident that your app will run error-free for every user.

Why choose Sauce Labs for unmatched cloud-based parallel testing?

  • Speed - automated parallel testing in the cloud is the fastest way to test your app, period
  • Security - with Sauce Connect for secure firewall tunneling, and pristine VMs your data is always safe and uncontaminated by previous tests
  • No infrastructure - test in the cloud, in our secure data center, on our array of emulators, simulators, and real devices

Download our Testing Trends in 2016 whitepaper and see why parallel testing is unbeatable!