Opera Mobile Browser

Test Mobile Apps on Simulated Opera Mobile Browser

With more and more mobile devices, and more and more OSes and browser versions, testing your mobile applications across many mobile browsers is paramount. However, manually testing your app in each browser/OS combo, on each mobile device, is an incredibly slow process. Advancements in mobile technology have created a demand for automated mobile testing tools to support a wide variety of mobile browsers. Sauce Labs supports Appium automated testing for mobile apps across a wide variety of OSes and browsers, including Opera.

Mobile browser versions are constantly changing, and a web application that behaves perfectly in one mobile browser may have issues in another.  With Sauce Labs, you can run automated browser and UI testing on mobile emulators and real devices, in the cloud, eliminating the time and cost of maintaining a pool of simulators and real devices.

Why choose Sauce Labs?

  • Complete coverage - Sauce Labs supports automated tests using Opera versions 11 and 12
  • Fast mobile testing - utilizing the power of Appium, automated testing is faster than ever
  • Safe and secure - pristine VM's and secure firewall tunneling ensure data security

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