Open Source Testing Android Ui Tool

Utilizing Open Source Testing with Android 

Ensuring that a mobile application works and will continue to work across a set of devices is an essential part of the application development lifecycle. In today's agile development world,  testing needs to be automated so that it isn't the bottleneck in your release cycle.  But how do you automate mobile testing?  

There are many automation tools for Android available, and choosing one can be a difficult task.   We support a variety of frameworks for Android testing including Appium, Espresso and Robotium.  Write your tests in the language you are most familiar with (Java, Ruby, Python, PHP etc) and run your tests on Sauce Labs.  We are the only cloud-based testing platform that supports both emulators and real devices.   Test your business logic on emulators and perform final and hardware specific tests on real devices to optimize your testing expenses and time.

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