Open Source Test Automation Tools

Comprehensive, Open Source, Automated Testing With Selenium and Appium

Today's app development world is growing rapidly, and staying ahead of the competition necessitates creating, testing, and releasing new apps and updates faster than ever. Simply being faster isn't enough, users demand that apps also be error-free and user-friendly. Automated functional testing is clearly the future of the industry, and open source platforms have the benefits of a large support community and reduced operating costs, but maintaining a comprehensive in-house testing grid is expensive. You could outsource your testing, but then the security of your product becomes a concern. At Sauce Labs we understand the dynamics of today's mobile app market, so we have developed the fastest, most secure, open source automated app testing available.

Sauce Labs runs well over a million tests every day with Selenium and Appium, open source automated app testing platforms. Like Selenium does with web apps, Appium automates mobile app testing utilizing the WebDriver API so writing different test scripts for every environment isn't necessary, and it can test applications written in a variety of languages like .NET, Python, Ruby, C#, Cucumber, and JavaScript. Because security is a primary concern, Sauce Connect, our secure TLS technology, lets you run your Selenium or Appium tests directly from your CI/CD server.

Why choose Sauce Labs for your automated open source app testing?

  • Coverage - we maintain over 700 different browser/OS combos so your app will run error-free in any user environment
  • Scale - our testing grid runs tests concurrently to reduce testing time and because it's cloud-based we can accommodate even the largest testing volume
  • Security - after every test our VMs are destroyed and our secure firewall tunneling technology ensures test integrity and data security

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