Open Source Automated Testing Tools

Speed Your Testing Process

Open source testing tools give you the freedom to develop tests and execute them across any grid that is supported. Open source frameworks like Selenium and Appium are rapidly becoming the standard for web and mobile app testing because they give devs and qa the flexibility they need when testing. You can test on your own grid or point your tests to the Sauce Labs grid and run the same tests just by changing one line of code. Sauce labs supports the world's largest cloud for automated testing. As the main supporters of Selenium and Appium we have the expertise to provide you with a world class cloud to run your tests.

Sauce Labs’ secure and reliable cloud lets you run JavaScript unit and functional tests written with Appium and Selenium, across more than 700 browsers, OS, device, and platform combinations - without setting up or maintaining test infrastructure.

With Sauce Labs, you get:

  • A complete testing platform - for running automated tests with Appium or Selenium
  • Freedom from managing infrastructure - no need to buy or maintain servers and test machines.
  • Cross-platform support for mobile testing - Supports Android and iOS, native, hybrid, and mobile web app testing
  • CI system integration- Integrate with Travis, Jenkins, Bamboo, VSTS and more to automate your software testing and release
  • Speedy development - Sauce’s scalable cloud allows you to test in parallel to speed your testing time by up to 10x.

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