Open Source Automated Testing

Functional Testing with Selenium and Appium

Looking for comprehensive functional testing in an open-source automated environment? You probably already know that by leveraging a large community, open-source systems are highly flexible and are great for getting technical support. You also probably know that automated testing saves massive amounts of time over manual testing. However, maintaining your own automated open-source testing grid is expensive, and keeping it up-to-date is a huge hassle. If this is your situation, Sauce Labs has you covered with the best open-source testing available.

Sauce Labs provides a cloud-based testing service for running Selenium and Appium. We maintain our system with the most current browser and OS versions for Selenium and Appium testing in our highly secure data center. Just writer your tests JavaScript, Python, C#, Ruby, .NET, Cucumber and more, and test the exact code you release. Our secure TLS technology, Sauce Connect, allows you to interface with your own CI system (like Jenkins or Bamboo) and call your tests from your own server.

What is the Sauce Labs advantage?

  • Speed - automated testing reduces days of testing to mere minutes
  • Coverage - over 700 different OS/browser combos means your app will render in any user environment
  • Results - get a full report with metadata, console logs, and even video to find and fix errors fast
  • Security - secure firewall tunneling and pristine VMs ensure your data is protected

Get started with you comprehensive open source automated testing today with a 14-day free trial!