Native App Testing

Native App Testing For Mobile Devices

As users move from desktops to mobile devices, native app testing becomes the focus of many developers. Mobile devices don’t just emulate the desktop environment; they have their own set of requirements.  And, Typically, native mobile apps give your user the best experience, but are the most difficult to test.  First you need to develop tests in a framework that supports native and Appium is designed for that.  With Appium you can write scripts in just about any language and run automated tests across a wide variety of real devices, emulators and simulators.  

Now, you can do your testing on devices in your lab, and suffer the hassle of maintaining, clearing and reimaging devices or you can use Sauce Labs. At Sauce, we have iOS simulators, Android emulators and a deep selection of ios And Android real devices in the cloud waiting to run your tests. And since we are optimized to run Appium tests, they run quickly and securely in our dedicated cloud.

Don't get discouraged. Let Sauce Labs walk you through native app testing. Get started with your FREE trial, today!