Mobility Testing

Speed Your Mobility Testing with Appium and Selenium and Sauce Labs

Are you working to get your mobile app to market quicker and with fewer bugs? With the rapid expansion in the number and variety of mobile devices, running manual tests of your app against every possible configuration just isn't feasible in today's fast-paced mobile app development world. And with their unique set of requirements, mobile apps aren't simply desktop knock-offs. Getting your app market-ready and error-free quickly is vital, and automated testing is the key to making that happen. Whatever language you develop your test scripts in, testing that mobile app automatically with Appium and Sauce Labs is a great way to ensure a speedy and bug-free app.

Appium is an open-source testing platform supported by Sauce Labs to accommodate mobile tests written in a wide array of languages. Test web apps with Selenium and your native and hybrid apps with Appium across our 700+ OS/browser combinations and hundreds of mobile devices and emulators and simulators. Stop testing on just a few in-house browsers / devices and move to the Sauce cloud and improve your testing speed and quality with extensive coverage.

Why choose Sauce Labs and Appium for mobility testing?

  • Cloud-based - easily run automated tests on hundreds Android and iOS simulators, emulators, and real devices
  • Boost efficiency - automated testing on iOS and Android lets you test up to 10x faster with more coverage
  • Continuous integration – we integrate with most CI systems (Jenkins, Bamboo, VSTS +) so you can easily plug testing into your CI workflows
  • Security - Sauce Connect, our TLS tunnel, lets you securely run your scripts and access data from behind your firewall

Get started with your mobility testing with Sauce Labs today with a free 14-day trial!