Mobile Website Testing

Mobile Website Testing Across Multiple Browsers, Platforms, and Devices

Mobile testing tools that work across multiple browsers, platforms, and devices make mobile and website application development and testing process more efficient. With so many different options, developing a bug-free mobile or web app can be very time-consuming and expensive. With parallel testing on over 650 different browser/OS combinations, Sauce Labs supercharges the testing process.

Due to rapidly evolving testing needs, cloud-based testing services like Sauce Labs have adjusted their service to match. Utilizing Appium for native and hybrid mobile apps, Sauce Labs provides a fast efficient way to test your apps before releasing them to the marketplace. Maintaining in-house testing machines can be cost prohibitive, but with Sauce Labs cloud-based virtual machines you can run multiple tests concurrently which speeds development and reduces cost.

Developers know that releasing error-prone apps frustrates users and loses customers; but testing an app across multiple devices, browsers and operating systems isn't practical for many companies to do in-house. As a supporter of open source technology, Sauce Labs provides the speed and coverage you need to produce a bug-free app that simply works.

Here's why Sauce Labs is the right choice for your mobile website testing:

  • Wide variety of supported frameworks - whether you use Calabash, KIF, Robotium, or other open source frameworks, Appium has you covered
  • Automated and manual app testing - speed your app to market with automated testing or fine-tune it with manual testing. Either way, Sauce Labs has it
  • Security - test your app from the comfort of your own continuous integration server with Sauce Connect, our secure firewall tunneling system

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