Mobile Testing Tools

Utilize a Complete Array of Mobile App Testing Tools to Increase Speed and Coverage

The wide array of mobile devices available in today's marketplace means that app developers must work more efficiently, without sacrificing quality, to deliver a bug-free app to market quickly. Many organizations experience a bottleneck during development because of the time required to test their app; by utilizing automated testing, they can reduce this time restriction. However, testing your mobile app on all the different user configurations available that are important to your users can be very time consuming . Maintaining a testing grid of this size and complexity isn't cheap or easy. Sauce Labs runs over one million tests per day, with all the latest mobile OS and browser versions, which means that we can accommodate your mobile app testing with the speed and coverage that you deserve.

At Sauce Labs, we maintain a secure, state-of-the-art testing cloud, complete with simulators, emulators, and real devices to facilitate speedy automated testing while also providing complete coverage. Test your apps with the open source frameworks Selenium (for web apps ) and Appium (for native / hybrid apps). With our secure TLS tunnel, Sauce Connect, running all your tests directly from your CI system, from behind your firewall is a snap.

Why choose Sauce Labs' mobile testing tools?

  • Speed - running concurrent tests, in the cloud, reducing testing time by up to 10x
  • CI integration - Sauce Labs allows you to easily integrate automated testing into your CI/CD workflow
  • Coverage - hundreds of different OS/browser versions ensures that you won't have any gaps in your testing coverage
  • Security - with Sauce Connect, our TLS tunnel, you can securely run tests on our cloud against your data / tests located behind your firewall

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